Nearly Impossible Question week of 5/24/2021

By Donna D on

Monday 5.24

NIQ-According to a new survey, parents say their kids do this 50% more in the summertime-what is it?

Answer-Snacks/Eating junk food

Tuesday 5.25

NIQ-48% of wine drinkers do this while drinking it-what is it?

Answer-Swirling the wine

Wednesday 5.26

NIQ-When it comes to dating, women over the age of 50 begin to care about this more-what is it?

Answer-Good looks

Thursday 5.27

NIQ-25% of Americans say this is a skill they do not possess-what is it?

answer-Parallel parking

Friday 5.28

NIQ-32% of Americans say this specific food is their guilty pleasure-what is it?

Answer-McDonalds French Fries


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