Nearly Impossible Question Week of 6/28/21

By Donna D on

Monday 6.28

NIQ-30% of people say, when traveling by plane, this is their biggest pet peeve-what is it?

Answer-Stinky Travelers

Tuesday 6.29

NIQ-the #1 thing we missed during the pandemic was listening to the radio-what came in 2nd?

Answer-Watercooler chat

Wednesday 6.30

NIQ-22% of Americans do this to celebrate the 4th July-what is it?

Answer-Buying illegal fireworks

Thursday 7.1

NIQ-In order to properly celebrate the 4th of July 65% of Americans own of these-what is it?

Answer-An American Flag

Friday 7.2

NIQ-5% of Americans plan on doing this sometime over the weekend-what is it?

Answer-Going to an ocean beach


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