Nearly Impossible Question Week of 7/19/21

By Donna D on

Monday 7.19

NIQ-This is the #1 sign you’re not keeping up with the times-what is it?

Answer-Paying with cash

Tuesday 7.20

NIQ-43% of Americans have used or a planning to use their stimulus money on this-what is it?

Answer-Back to school supplies

Wednesday 7.21

NIQ-33% of us have logged onto our Facebook page here-where is it?

Answer-The movie theater

Thursday 7.22

NIQ-24% of us are embarrassed to buy this!-what is it?

Answer-Hemorrhoid cream

Friday 7.23

NIQ-On average, we American men will spend about 4 hours doing this per week for the rest of the year-what is it?

Answer-Prepping and playing Fantasy Football



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