Nearly Impossible Question Week of 8/30/21

By Donna D on

Monday 8.30

NIQ-10% of women say they’ve tried to improve their man’s appearance  by getting them to do this-what is it?

Answer-Use lotion or cream on their body or face

Tuesday 8.31

NIQ-21% of us have done this as a side job/hustle

Answer-Multi-level marketing

Wednesday 9.1

NIQ-8% of American women are looking forward to fall for this reason-what is it?

Answer-Fantasy football

Thursday 9.2

NIQ-28% of us would not date someone who does this job-what is it?

Answer-Truck driver

Friday 9.3

NIQ-When it comes to outdoor cooking this Labor day weekend-10% of Americans like doing this-what is it?

Answer-Cooking their meat in a smoker


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