Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/3/22

By Loren Coronado on

Monday 1.3

NIQ-40% of women have tried to lose weight for this reason!- What is it?

Answer-Motivated by friend’s weight loss

Tuesday 1.4

NIQ-According to a new survey spaghetti was the 2nd worse food to try and eat in a car! -What was #1?


Wednesday 1.5

NIQ-28% of Dogs ate this over the Holidays-What is it?


Thursday 1.6

NIQ-22% of us say these types of New Years Resolutions are the hardest to keep!-What is it?

Answer-Financial Resolutions

Friday 1.7

NIQ-62% of American men are insecure about this!-What is it?

Answer-Their height


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