Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/10/22

By Loren Coronado on

Monday 1.10

NIQ-The average person hasn’t organized this in three years!-What is it?

Answer-Their office desk

Tuesday 1.11

NIQ-20% of us have pulled an all-nighter in order to do this!-What is it?

Answer-Binge watch a TV show

Wednesday 1.12

NIQ-37% of men say they’ve gained weight recently because of this!-What is it?

Answer-Watching Football

Thursday 1.13

NIQ-This is how 53% of parents want to celebrate Valentine’s this year-What is it?

Answer-Romantic getaway

Friday 1.14

NIQ-When it comes to snacking while watching football-Salsa is America’s favorite Dip!- What came in 2nd?

Answer-Onion Dip


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