Nearly Impossible Question Week of 1/17/22

By Loren Coronado on

Monday 1.17

NIQ-33% of singles are turned off by someone who owns this!-What it?

Answer-A Cat

Tuesday 1.18

NIQ-47% of parents say this is one of their favorite things to do with their kids!-What is it?

Answer-Playing board games

Wednesday 1.19

NIQ-9% of couples who sleep in separate bedrooms do… for this reason-What is it?

Answer-Social Media/Tik-Tok

Thursday 1.20

NIQ-88% of women say this affects their confidence on a date!-What is it?

Answer-Their skin

Friday 1.21

NIQ-44% of us still have this from our childhood-What is it?

Answer-Teddy Bear/Stuffed Animal


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