Nearly Impossible Question Week of 2/28/22

By Loren Coronado on

Monday 2.28

NIQ-Consumption of this goes up 19% in the month of March?-What is it?

Answer- Pizza

Tuesday 3.1

NIQ- 22% of us have had a break-up this time of the year with someone because of this!-What is it?

Answer- Bad Valentine’s Day

Wednesday 3.2

NIQ- 2/3 of women say this simple gesture from their hubby is more romantic than giving them an expensive handbag! What is it?

Answer-Cup of Coffee /Pot

Thursday 3.3

NIQ-15% of women have done this before their wedding! What is it?


Friday 3.4

NIQ-46% of kids these days have done this without their parents’ permission!-What is it?

Answer-Used their parents’ credit card


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