Nearly Impossible Question Week of April 4th-8th

By Loren Coronado on

Monday 4.4

NIQ-The majority of American men have never cleaned this!-What is it?


Tuesday 4.5

NIQ-According to a new recent study many items at restaurants are not clean and 71% of these tested high for bacteria levels!-What is it?


Wednesday 4.6

NIQ-53% of Americans don’t know this about their Grandparents!-What is it?

Answer-First names

Thursday 4.7

NIQ-According to a new survey, Sam Adams is the most popular beer for men but what is the most popular beer with women?-What is it?


Friday 4.8

NIQ-28% of us say they do this while making a home-cooked meal!-What is it?

Answer-Playing Music


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