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At KOLA, we know that things have changed dramatically for you and the ones you love.  Stater Bros. Markets knows that too. So we’re teaming  up to give away $50 Safe at Home Gift Cards from Stater Bros. Markets.  KOLA, Stater Bros. Markets, you…we’re all in this together.

It’s Easy To WIN

  1. Turn your radios at home, at work and in the car to KOLA 99.9.

  2. Starting Monday, April 6th, listen weekdays at 7:50a, 9:50a, 12:50a, and 3:50p. Friday 5.15.2020 contest times: 7:50a, 12:50p and 3:50p (Subject to change)

  3. When you hear the keyword, text it to (909) 798-5600! Standard text messaging and data rates apply.

  4. After 5 minutes, a random winner will be selected and called. Be sure to pick up quickly if we call! If the person selected doesn’t answer their phone (we’ll only call once), the prize will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.


Contest rules

Enter TO WIN!

Get a bonus chance at winning a $50 gift card.  You can enter today with no waiting!  And remember to improve your chances by coming back once each day to enter again.

Earn 5,000 Points!

Starting Monday, April 6th, when you hear the “Listen & Win” code, enter it here and earn an instant 5,000 points!

show us your kindness

Stater Bros. Markets and KOLA want to shine a light on the kindness which surrounds all of us during this difficult time. Join us in lifting each other up by sharing commUNITY KINDness on our Facebook pages and tagging us on Instagram using #CommunityKindness and #StaterBros.

We want you to share a kind act you have done, experienced, or witnessed. Maybe you just scrolled across an amazing act of kindness on Social Media and want to share it – we want to see (and share) it all! Please pass this challenge on to your family and friends! – The more we do, the more we share, the more we hope to inspire.

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