Help at Home is on the Way!

2020 has been tough in so many ways.  For 2021, KOLA wants to help you get back on track with something that will really have an impact – CASH!  $5,000!

Spend it on credit card bills, rent, utilities, mortgage and car payments or just spend it on whatever you want!  It’s YOUR CASH!

here’s how to play: 

  1. Take KOLA wherever you go!
  2.  Listen weekdays at 7:50a, 10:30a, 11:30a, 12:30p, 2:30p, 3:30p and 4:50p.
  3. If you’re the 19th Caller at 1-909-798-5600, you’ll win a spot in the Round Three Grand Prize Drawing!
  4. On Friday at 7:10a (3.5) if we draw your name, you’ll instantly win $5,000!

Plus don’t forget!  You can get a bonus chance at winning by entering once each day right from this contest page.


Get an extra chance at getting into the Friday (3.5) Grand Prize Drawing.  Enter once each day.

GET 5,000 Points

Each weekday (starting Monday 1.4), when you hear the $5,000 KOLA Free Money Payoff Listen & Win code, enter it here and earn an instant 5,000 points


Official Contest Rules