Office Of The Day: Corky’s Kitchen & Bakery

Office Of The Day Is Back!

Listening to KOLA at work could pay off not only for you but your whole office! That’s because each Friday, KOLA 99.9 will choose an Office Of The Day winner, and that office wins lunch for up to 20!

It’s Easy To WIN

  1. Each weekday (2/22-2/26), KOLA 99.9 will announce the Office Of The Day at 9:10 am, 12:10 pm, 3:10 pm. That Office is now into the weekly drawing! 

  2. On Friday (2/26) at 4:10 pm, Vic Slick will announce a grand prize winner from all the the Office’s of the Day for that week.

  3. If your workplace is randomly chosen, you’ll win lunch for up to 20 people in your office!


THIS Week’S Office of the day: Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery!

This week’s Office of the Day, you will get the chance to win lunch for 20 at Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery! Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery is inspired by their Grandmother, Grandma Corky “Life is too short, live your dream” they built this restaurant in honor of her. She made everything from scratch using only the freshest ingredients, but her main ingredient was LOVE. She not only passed down recipes that filled your stomach, she filled your heart and soul with “Grandma Wisdom” in every dish she served. Her meals were her way of showing you that you really mattered.

Find the nearest Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery near YOU!

Enter To Win

All you have to do is enter for your chance to win this week’s Office of the Day!

Earn Points

Listen for the first name of the KOLA Club Member at of our Office Of The Day. It’s worth 5000 points!


Official Contest Rules

Corky’s Homestyle Kitchen and Bakery!