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Free Gas For A Year 2019 Rules

Free Gas For A Year 2019 Rules


“Free Gas For A Year!”


Friday January 4, 2019 – Monday February 4, 2019


Contest conducted during the following times (approximate and subject to change)

Friday (1.4) – Friday (1.18) : 8:10a, 10:10a, 11:10a , 1:10p, 3:10p and 4:10p

Monday (1.21) – Friday (2.1) : 8:10a, 11:10a, 1:10p, 3:10p and 4:10p


Qualifying Prize:

$100 (one hundred dollars) One winner per household

Grand Prize:

$5000 (five thousand dollars) One winner to be announced Monday (2.4) at 8:10a

Taxes / 1099:

Winner must provide Anaheim Broadcasting (the company) with a current, valid government issued California identification and a valid taxpayer identification number or social security number before any prize will be awarded. Any person winning over $600 in prizes in a calendar year from The Company will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS. *Prize money in any denomination will be in the form of a check.  All checks must be picked up at the KOLA Studios during regular business hours.  Allow 6-8 weeks.


Must be at least 18 years of age.  Any potential winner, even if announced, is subject to verification.  If potential winner does not meet all requirements, no prize will be awarded regardless of any announcement of a winner’s status. KOLA 99.9 FM is not responsible for the inability of the listener to enter through technical, mechanical, or other errors associated with entering said contest.

Online: KOLA Online Advantage Club Members may have access to winning information during this contest that may or may not be announced on air.  No purchase necessary to join.

How to Play:

The promotion will be conducted as follows:

a.     On Air Winning

i.                During the contest times (weekdays), listeners will be encouraged through a contest solicit to be the 19th caller at 909-798-5600.  If they are the correct caller and meet all the eligibility requirements, they will win the $100 qualifying prize at that contest time.  One winner per household.

ii.               All contest times are approximate.  The contest solicit portion can play anywhere between five minutes before the scheduled contest time and five minutes after the scheduled contest time.

b.     Online Winning

i.                Listeners will be encouraged to enter online at once each day (24 hour period).  During the length of the contest.

ii.              Last chance to enter online at is 5pm Friday (2.1.19)

iii.            After 5:01p on Friday (2.1.19) a random drawing will take place from all the entries received online during the contest period.  One entry will be chosen from all entries to be represented in the final Grand Prize Drawing.  The entry chosen in this preliminary drawing will not receive the $100 awarded to on-air winners.

c.     Grand Prize Drawing

i.               A Grand Prize drawing will take place between 5:30p (2.1.19) and 8am Monday (2.4.19).  The Grand Prize drawing will be made up of 116 (one hundred sixteen) on-air winners and 1 (one) online qualifier chosen in a preliminary drawing as described above in iii. Only one qualifier per household per any method used.

ii.              At approximately 8:10a on Monday (2.4.19) an announcement will be made as to who is the person identified as the winner in the random Grand Prize Drawing as described above in i.  That person announced as the winner, and subsequently meeting all requirements, will win the one grand prize amount of $5,000 (five thousand dollars).


The contest is an “exception” to the 1 prize per calendar month rule. That is, a person may win 1 other prize during a calendar month and will still be eligible to win once with this contest.  Qualifying prize of $100 can only be won once per household.  Additionally a maximum of one on-air grand prize entry per household. Grand prize is based on the concept of 19 gallons per week at $5 per gallon for 52 weeks.  (19×5 = $95 per week x 52 weeks = $4940 rounded up to $5,000 grand prize).


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