Road trip!

Where would you go if you had free gas for the rest of 2021?  Taking a road trip is way more fun when someone else is picking up the cost for gas.  Even your daily drive in to work takes on new meaning when you’re not worried about gas money.  KOLA’s Free Gas for the Rest of the Year can make it happen!

It’s Easy To WIN

  1. Turn your radios at home, at work and in the car to KOLA 99.9.

  2. Starting Monday, August 2nd, listen weekdays at 7:50a, 9:50a, 11:50a, 12:50p, 2:50p and 3:50p. No contest on Monday September 6, 2021. (Subject to change)

  3. We’ll tell you the “keyword” and if you’re our random texter, you’ll win a $100 KOLA Free Gas Fill-Up!

  4. You’ll then be entered to win the grand prize, “Free Gas for the Rest of the Year!” On Tuesday, September 14th at approximately 7:50a, Jesse Duran in the Morning will announce the name of the potential winner. If that person does not call within 9 minutes and 99 seconds, the 99th texter will win!


Contest rules

Enter TO WIN!

Get a bonus chance at winning a spot into the grand prize drawing.  You can enter today with no waiting!  And remember to improve your chances by coming back once each day to enter again.  

Earn 5,000 Points!

Starting Monday, August 2nd, when you hear the “Listen & Win” code, enter it here and earn an instant 5,000 points!