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Amazon Alexa

Two ways of getting KOLA on your Alexa Device

  1. Have Alexa enable the KOLA 99.9 skill.
    (a) Say “Hey Alexa, enable the KOLA 99.9 skill”

Once that is complete, try it out by saying:

(b) “Hey Alexa, play KOLA 99 Point 9”

2. Enable the skill directly on the app

(a) Go to the Alexa app or Amazon account page
(b) Search KOLA
(c) Enable Skill

Once that’s done, try it out by saying “Hey Alexa, play KOLA 99 Point 9”

Watch Loren from Jesse Duran in the Morning show you how to listen to KOLA on your Amazon device.


Google devices

Play KOLA on your Google Device

Try it out by saying “Hey Google, play KOLA 99 point 9

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