Las Vegas Tragedy

We’re all shocked and saddened by the senseless mass shooting in Las Vegas, especially with so many of the victims being our family, friends and neighbors right here in the Inland Empire. The first instinct of most people is to ask, “How can I help?”, so we’ve collected some links to assist that effort.

To contribute to the main Las Vegas Victims Fund CLICK HERE.

And here are links to aid some of the local victims and their families:

Thomas Day Jr.
Thomas Day Jr.

Thomas Day Jr. – Corona

Chelsea Romo


Let us know

To submit information on new victims from the Inland Empire affected by the Las Vegas tragedy, email us.

Help is available

We know that whether people have been directly affected or not, everyone needs support. Magellan Health has launched a 24-hour crisis line for victims of the shooting, offering free, confidential counseling services. Call their toll-free number at 1-800-327-7451 to speak with someone.

Riverside University Health System is also providing counseling services. Click here to see what they offer.

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