Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie Reveals Release Date For Solo Compilation ‘Songbird’


Fleetwood Mac‘s Christine McVie has revealed that her first-ever solo compilation, titled Songbird, will be released on June 24 via Rhino Records.

The Fleetwood Mac singer also shared one of the two unreleased tracks featured on the collection, “Slowdown.” The song was originally written for the 1985 film American Flyers.

Speaking about the song, McVie said, “I was asked to write a song for a film about a cycling competition. So, I thought we’d give it a go.”

“So that’s why the lyrics are sort of muddled up with a little bit of a love song, a little bit of cycling,” she added. “And it turned out really well, but they didn’t end up using it. We thought it was a pity to waste it, so it’s on here.”

Songbird (A Solo Collection) Track Listing:

1. “Friend”2. “Sweet Revenge”3. “The Challenge”4. “Northern Star”5. “Ask Anybody”6. “Slowdown” (previously unreleased)7. “Easy Come, Easy Go”8. “Giving It Back”9. “All You Gotta Do” (previously unreleased)10. “Songbird” (Orchestral Version) (previously unreleased)

(Photo: Rhino)

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