Official Contest Rules | All I Want for Christmas is CASH

Contest:“All I Want for Christmas is Cash!”
Dates:Wednesday (12.1.21) – Wednesday (12.22.21)
Times:Contest conducted weekdays between 5a-11:59p
Prize:$500 (five hundred dollars)
Taxes / 1099:Winner must provide KOLA 99.9 with a current, valid government issued picture identification and a valid taxpayer identification number or social security card before any prize will be awarded. Any person winning over $600 in prizes in a calendar year will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS. Prize money in any denomination will be in the form of a check. All checks must be picked up at the KOLA Studios at 1940 Orange Tree Lane Suite 200, Redlands Ca 92374 during regular business hours. Allow 6-8 weeks.  Due to potential HEALTH restrictions, an appointment to pick up a prize at the KOLA studios will be required.
Eligibility:Prizes available on KOLA 99.9 may only, at times, and at the discretion of the client providing the prize, be delivered through electronic means.  Those electronic means may require a valid email address, a downloaded app to a smart device or any other type of technical requirement in order to redeem said contest prize.  If the potential winner does not comply or wish to comply with the technical requirements to redeem the prize, then that prize designated will automatically be forfeited and a new recipient/winner may or may not be chosen.  There is no substitute prize or replacement prize for any person who does not wish to comply with the requirements to redeem that stated prize.Any potential winner, even if announced, is subject to verification.  If potential winner does not meet all requirements, no prize will be awarded regardless of any announcement of a winner’s status. All contestants (qualifiers) must be at least 18 years of age.KOLA 99.9 FM is not responsible for the inability of the listener to enter through technical, mechanical, or other errors associated with entering said contest.  Employees and agents/vendors of KOLA 99.9, Anaheim Broadcasting and their families, their advertising agencies or representatives, including employees of Participating Sponsors or Provider of said Prize and any family members related to an employee who is involved in any way with the contest prize or elements of the contest prize, are ineligible to enter this contest conducted by KOLA 99.9. All prizes must be claimed in-person at the KOLA Business Office – 1940 Orange Tree Lane Suite 200, Redlands Ca 92374 – within 30 days of being contacted by KOLA 99.9.  If not picked up within 30 days of being contacted, that said prize is forfeited.  KOLA 99.9 may, due to the unavailability of prizes awarded, substitute another prize of equal or greater value for the prize originally won.  Prizes are not transferrable to any other person.  All Prize Winners are encouraged to call KOLA Promotions (1-909-793-3554 x213) prior to picking up a prize to confirm that said prize is available at the time of their proposed arrival.Prize tickets and the rights associated with that prize reside with the originating company providing the tickets.   Prize tickets won on KOLA 99.9 (regardless of method) are not to be sold through any means including online sites, newspapers, magazines or any media that allows sale of items unless a specific permission (obtaining permission is the sole responsibility of the winner and not KOLA 99.9) was secured from the participating sponsor who provided the promotional prize to KOLA 99.9.  Rules regarding resale in any way may result in that prize no longer being valid.  Promotional tickets for theme parks are generally considered invalid and not useable if sold in any way to a third party who was not a winner through the above contest.  It’s the winner’s responsibility to make sure they are complying with any rules in regards to resale of theme park tickets with that particular theme park who’s tickets they won.  KOLA 99.9 is not responsible for replacing a prize that has been deemed invalid later by the participating sponsor at the time of redemption because of a sale to a third party or any other violation of that participating sponsor’s guidelines to promotional items given to KOLA 99.9 for the sole purpose of awarding listeners said items.Prize consists only of the item(s) specifically listed as part of the prize and does not include additional fees, gratuities, travel expenses and or taxes associated with the use of this prize.  
How to Play:The promotion will be conducted as described below. Methods of winning will be determined and announced on-air at the time of the contest solicit and consist of:

(a) Text Contests, (b) Phone-in Contests, (c) On-line Contests or a combination of all three.

No particular method is guaranteed and KOLA reserves the right to change the method of entering or participating in the stated contest at anytime.  Any contest involving a specific time (if listed above), the solicit may occur 5 minutes before or 5 minutes after the scheduled time.  One winner per household of above stated prize per entire run of this contest.   Some contests include listening for a specific sound or song to initiate the solicit portion of the contest.

Text Contests
During the contest times listed above, when the song “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey plays, listeners are encouraged to text in the keyword “CASH” to 1-909-798-5600.  In the case of contests involving texting, all data fees and charges apply and KOLA is not responsible for any fees or charges that coincide with the listeners ability to enter through texting.  Additionally, by texting KOLA for requests, comments on topics, inquiries, or any contest, it’s understood that you will receive a reply containing an advertisement.

For “Text Contests”, a random drawing from all those listeners who texted in  (meeting all requirements) and upon being contacted by KOLA through the winning process described below will be considered the winner of that scheduled contest.

The contest period consists of hearing the described song (weekdays between 5:00am – 11:59pm) and the collection of texts to 1-909-798-5600. A contestant may only enter ONCE during this contest period.

After the song plays in it’s entirety, a random drawing will take place.  Upon choosing a random contestant. KOLA will call that random potential winner through the phone number provided (originated from phone).  If that person does not answer their phone by the third ring, another random drawing will be held.  This process continues until a potential winner (through random drawing) answers their phone and completes the qualifying/winning process.

Upon completing the winning process (being contacted by phone), that person will win the contest prize described above.

No entries are held over or considered during any other contest times that day or during any contest day.  Contestants must enter each contest separately with the correct “keyword”.   If “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey plays outside of weekdays 5am-11:59pm or plays within a commercial break or as a part of promoting the contest in anyway, no contest is triggered.  That is, no texts will be accepted.  No cash of any kind will be awarded.  In addition, the song designated must play in it’s entirety to be considered as a contest trigger.  If the song plays less than in it’s entirety, it is not determined to be a trigger for a contest.   As described in (6.) listeners may text in anticipation of being the random texter (using the keyword “CASH”) when they hear “All I Want for Christmas is You” by Mariah Carey to play.  It’s only determined after the song as played in it’s entirety to be a successful contest trigger and thus a prize will be awarded.  That is, a listener does not have to wait for the song to be played in it’s entirety.  The entirety of the song playing only confirms that the contest is valid.  Any texts (with the keyword “CASH”) received prior to hearing the start of the song will be discarded and not considered as an entrant into the contest

Phone-in Contests
During the contest times above, listeners may be encouraged through a contest solicit to be the correct number caller at 1-909-798-5600.   Some phone-in contests involve being the first to answer a trivia question or participate in the mechanics of an on-air contest where the winner of that contest will be awarded the prize described above.

On-Line Contests.  Listeners may be encouraged to visit once per day at .  Entries (if an online entry component exists) must be received by the stated times in order to be eligible for any grand prize drawings.   If a grand prize drawing exists, at least, one (1) entry will be chosen from all online entrants during that contest period to win the prize stated above.  Online contests that involved qualifying for a grand prize generally involve getting entered by 5:00pm on the day before or the day of the grand prize drawing..  A listener can only win the stated prize once per household regardless of method of entry into the stated contest.  That is, a listener cannot win on a text-in or phone-in contest and then win with an On-Line contest for the same exact prize during the contest period.


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