Song of the Day 2017 | Rules


“Song Of The Day”


Monday April 24, 2017 – Friday May 26, 2017


$1000.00 (one thousand dollars) One Winner Per Household

Taxes / 1099:

Winner must provide KOLA 99.9 with a current, valid government issued California identification and a valid taxpayer identification number or social security card before any prize will be awarded. Any person winning over $600 in prizes in a calendar year will receive an IRS Form 1099 at the end of the calendar year and a copy of such form will be filed with the IRS. *Prize money in any denomination will be in the form of a check.  Allow 6-8 weeks.


Any potential winner, even if announced, is subject to verification.  If potential winner does not meet all requirements, no prize will be awarded regardless of any announcement of a winner’s status. All contestants (qualifiers) must be at least 18 years of age. KOLA 99.9 FM is not responsible for the inability of the listener to enter through technical, mechanical, or other errors associated with entering said contest.  Employees and agents/vendors of KOLA 99.9, Anaheim Broadcasting and their families, their advertising agencies or representatives are ineligible to enter this contest conducted by KOLA 99.9.

How to Play:

The promotion will be conducted as follows:

a.      The contest begins weekdays at the approximate time of 7:10a when listeners are told that day’s “Song Of The Day”.  All contest times are approximate.  The contest beginning portion can play anywhere between five minutes before the scheduled contest time and five minutes after the scheduled time of 7:10a. 

b.      At that time, a small snippet or sound clip may be played as an aid to identify that day’s “Song Of The Day”

i.                No winner or calls will be taken at that time.  The song snippet will only be played as an example and does not constitute the call-in portion of the contest.

ii.               Title and Artist will be given at that time.  The title and artist of that day’s “Song Of The Day” will be given as well as the approximate time (within a 15 minute window) that the song will play later on this same day.

iii.              Exceptions. If the named “Song Of The Day” plays at any other time, other than the contest time frame announced or listed on the promotional calendar at, NO PRIZE WILL BE AWARDED.



c.      When the “Song Of The Day” plays all the way through, during the contest time frame announced at 7:10a, the 29th caller will be taken at 909-798-5600.  Upon meeting all eligibility requirements, and identifying – per the dj’s discretion – the “Song Of The Day”, that person will be awarded the prize of $1000.00 (one thousand dollars).


d.      KOLA is not responsible for telephone malfunctions, including inadvertent disconnects or problems with telephone service.  No caller will be announced as the winner unless that person has given KOLA, at the time of the contest, their first and last name and phone number.  If the contestant phone call is dropped without getting first and last name and contact phone, that person is NOT CONSIDERED THE 29TH CALLER.  In that instance, the next caller will be taken as the potential 29th caller.


e.      The contest continues weekdays in this manner until the final day of contesting on Friday May 26, 2017.  A maximum total of 25 winners.


f.       Only one winner of $1,000 (one thousand dollars) per household per the scheduled run of the contest.



The contest is an “exception” to the 1 prize per calendar month rule. That is, a person may win 1 other prize during a calendar month and will still be eligible to WIN once per the run of the contest with “Song Of The Day”.


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