We are partnering with Community Action Partnership of San Bernardino County Food Bank to support our local communities during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This Virtual Food Drive allows you to participate in a community response to help neighbors who are struggling with hunger and food insecurity during the pandemic. Your donation will help CAPSBC Food Bank meet the urgent need for food during the COVID-19 crisis.

Giving through our virtual food drive keeps you home and safe and provides CAPSBC Food Bank the ability to purchase most-needed items for people in the greatest need throughout San Bernardino County.

Supporting our virtual food drive is easy. You select from the various food categories and amount to give, CAPSBC Food Bank purchases nutritious foods with your generous donations, and the food is distributed to those in the need.

Give on your own or build a team and recruit family, friends, neighbors, or colleagues!

Go ahead and get shopping!



CAPSBC is charged with serving over 120,000 low-income families and individuals, elderly, homeless and disadvantaged
residents of San Bernardino County each year. CAPSBC delivers services to 78 San Bernardino County cities and communities.
CAPSBC, as one of the largest non-profit human services agencies in San Bernardino County, is a leader in providing resources and opportunities to low-income individuals and families to improve their lives, contribute to their communities and offer a return on investment for our communities, cities and counties.
Since 1965, CAPSBC has been developing and implementing programs that address the most crucial needs of low-income
residents in the county. The agency’s core programs include: Energy, Education and Environmental Services (EEES) which
provides energy education, home weatherization services and utility assistance. The Family Development Program (FDP) which assists clients to overcome barriers to self-sufficiency by identifying and providing resources in the areas of affordable housing, employment, educational opportunities and self-determination. Another crucial core program is our Food Bank.

What is a virtual food drive?

A virtual food drive gives you the opportunity to purchase actual food from the comfort of your home. Rather than just donating to a general fund, you have the opportunity to choose from different categories to donate towards. It’s like shopping without having to go to the grocery store and it makes it easier to get fresh, healthy food to our neighbors in need.

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